Anti-Cheating System

Using devices that have been hacked, switched to root mode or have a modified OS will cause the Trace service and the app not to work properly.
IMPORTANT! We will not help you to recover lost assets as a result of using GPS spoofing or hacking software.
To prevent users from cheating, we use several solutions:
  • Authoritarian game server with a permanent Internet connection;
  • App client and packet encryption;
  • Data from the GPS sensor on the user's smartphone to determine the location;
  • Data from the motion sensor (pedometer) and data from the Health service (by Apple and Google);
  • Manual analysis of statistics and marking of suspicious users;
  • Own Anti-Cheating System using ML.
What we consider as cheating:
  • Reverse engineering of the service;
  • Spoofing/hacking of GPS;
  • Spoofing/hacking of motion tracking;
  • Multi-Accounting on one smartphone;
  • Switching one account on different smartphones.
This document is not final. We reserve the right will be updated this document from time to time.