Introducing Trace by MIXR Labs
Initially, the project was planned as another Move-and-Earn Web3 Lifestyle app - the trend of 2022.
The plan was to improve the idea other projects with the mechanics of a fitness tracker for jogging to a more logical mechanics game with cars, their repair, tuning, and so on. This is how the Trace project with Move-and-Earn mechanics appeared.
During the development process, we luckily realized that using the technologies we have and with the same labor costs, we can create a larger-scale project - a full-fledged Real-World Metaverse.
It makes no sense to limit yourself to just one mechanic, as analogues do. By creating a virtual space on a real world map, we can organically integrate new game mechanics into it, thereby prolonging the life of the project, by making it more interesting.
It will be a real ecosystem in Metaverse Trace made of various mechanics that will work both independently and together.
This document is not final. We reserve the right will be updated this document from time to time.